Research & Design

2020 was a year spent doing pro bono research with The Stanford School of Medicine and Occidental University. With the shutdown of all live music events, and a steady unemployment check, I sheltered in place and found a way to combine my photography talents with my latent research and design skills.

In the fall of 2020 I was invited to give a lecture at Occidental College on my work. You can watch a short video about how I pivoted from rock and roll photography to user experience research into how we as humans connect when our faces and bodies are masked.

PPE Portraits is a social practice art project in collaboration with researchers at Stanford University and Occidental College. For more info check out

I’m proud to say that our team’s research resulted in multiple papers (including this one that I co-authored in BMC Health Services Research), several posters, and my invited talk above.

You can also find all my previous research publications, patents, and earlier design projects at